Son Of A Buck Show, LLC

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Son of a Buck Show!!!!!!!!

Whispering Wishes Wedding and Event Center
302 West Colonial Trail Hwy
Blackstone, Virginia 

Saturday September 11, 2021

Ring 1: Saturday Sept 11 @ 8am - Judge Bob Bartholomew

Ring 2: Saturday Sept 11 @ 8am - Judge Juli Huffman

Ring 3: Saturday Sept 11 @ 8am - Judge Justin Bassett

Ring 4: Saturday Sept 11 @ 1pm - Judge Richard Grossman

Ring 5: Saturday Sept 11 @ 1pm - Judge Jane Bailey

Ring 6: Saturday Sept 11 @ 1pm - Judge Danielle Carolei

Breed Sponsors

Arrival time and check-in: Exhibitors and vendors may arrive as early as 10am on Friday, Sept. 10th. All

entries will need to be checked in between 7:00 and 7:45am on Saturday, Sept 11th. Show will start promptly at 8am on the 11th.

Breeds sanctioned and order of breeds: Alpine, Guernsey, Lamancha, Nigerian Dwarf, Nubian, Oberhasli, Saanen, Toggenburg. The order may be changed up to the day of the show.  **Please NOTE:  Due to no entries in the Sable class, there will be no Sables Sanctioned....UNLESS someone promises me they will bring Sables BEOFRE I sent off for sanctioning!


Date to compute age: Sept 11, 2021


B1- Junior Buckling - Born After April 1, 2021

B2- Intermediate Buckling Born Jan 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021

B3- Senior Buckling Born Sept 12, 2020 to December 31, 2020

B4- Buck 1 year and under 2 years

B5- Buck 2 years and under 3 years

B6- Buck 3 years and under 4 years

B7 - Buck 4 years and under 5 years

B8 – Buck 5 years and older

Buck Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

Champion Challenge

Best Buck in Show

Welcome to the Fifth Annual Son of a Buck show (SOBS), put on by Cheri Peraino, held at Whispering Wishes Wedding and Event Center! We are very pleased to host everyone at a fine facility in the heart of Virginia. 

All animals can be shown out of their respective trailers or pens may be rented for $5 a pen (pens are 6 x 6). There will be stalls available for use as holding pens ringside. There are electrical outlets for clippers or other essential show items (ie, not refrigerators, microwaves, etc.) outside of the stall area. 

Entry fees are as follows: $5.00 per buck per ring if received by Sept 1st. 

                After Sept 1st, $6.00 late entry fee per buck per ring. 

Please help support the show, promote your herd, farm, or support your favorite breed by sponsoring

the Champion of your breed of choice for $25 per ring, or sponsoring the Best In Show for $50 per ring. 

You may submit your entries online (link is above) or Entry forms and monies may be sent electronically by emailing a PDF of the form to and PayPal payment to, or by mail with check or money order to Cheri Peraino, 10621 Thompkins Ln, Amelia, VA 23002.

This show is sanctioned by ADGA.  ADGA rules shall govern. Only ADGA and AGS registered, recorded

or applied for (if under 6 months of age) animals may be shown in an official show. The original certificate (or if

animal is under 6 months old, a stamped duplicate is acceptable) must be shown to the secretary before the

show begins. No copies, telegrams or telephone calls are acceptable. **Change for 2021 Show!  We accept stamped duplicates for any breed of any age as allowed by ADGA Postal Ballot!

All animals entering the show grounds must be healthy. For out-of-state animals, health certificates are

required.   A health check of all animals will be made on the grounds by the show committee. When you sign the release required on the entry form, you agree to abide by the decision of the show officials.

All animals must be checked in with the show secretary by 7:45am on Saturday. If your

animal is awarded a GCH or RGCH, you must have your papers ready for immediate viewing by the judges.

Please cooperate with this and bring all papers to ringside when you come up to show! There will be a table for

herdbooks. Please verify all information on the official show sheet before signing.

Since there may be spectators, please (as you would during the State Fair) keep all valuables and medications

out of sight. Spectators will appreciate having hand sanitizer available; children love to pet the goats!

SOBS is not responsible for losses, injury or accidents incurred before, during or after the show.

SOBS Officials have the responsibility for enforcing rules, maintaining standards, and solving problems that

may arise during this event.

SOBS strongly recommends that exhibitors wear “whites” when showing their goats. This show is open to the

public, so let’s put our best hoof forward!

Overnight parking is allowed, and restrooms are available on site. We hope to have food vendors available,

and will keep everyone posted on our Facebook page as those plans solidify. 

If for whatever reason you cannot come, please notify us ASAP. Small breeds and buck shows are often barely official. If you win a leg, and want to scratch, be sure there is a substitute if the numbers were close to 10. If you can bring extra animals, please do just in case. Extra animals that are used to MAKE THE BREED OFFICIAL will not be

charged for.

Dogs must be restrained at all times. No dogs are allowed to be loose in the barns or on the grounds. If your

dog is loud or disturbs the other exhibitors, you will be asked to remove it. Please respect these rules.

Please help us make this a great show that we can put on year after year! Tell your friends, neighbors, and

family! We want to make this show a success for all involved. Looking forward to seeing everyone and gettin’


Son Of a Buck Show
(434) 321-2008